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SYNARCHY: Feature Film

Director: Aaron L. Williams

Writer: Crystal Storm (DCS)

Studio: Digital Media Studios

The Plot: In this high action, science fiction thriller, a mafia family, the Terenzio's, intent on controlling the world through their own exploits discover an unbeatable force. They are the Brotherhood, a secret society of thirteen powerful families that have manipulated the world since history was written...and they are not alone. The Anunnaki, the Brotherhoods Gods, a race of nefarious reptilian like creatures have claimed Earth as their own, and the clock is ticking. On December 21, 2012 humanity is poised to break the chains that have held it prisoner, or sink back into the dark illusion of freedom. The Terenzio family must make a choice - join the ones in power, or turn against the Brotherhood and their alien masters, to free humanity.


Based from the Novels by DCS

REIGNING MEN: Television Series

Director: Aaron L. Williams

Producer: Aaron L. Williams, Kenny Perry

Stars: (Full Cast)

Studio: Digital Media Studios

The Plot: This quirky series is about four men, three in their mid-thirties and one in his forties. The continuing story lines comically follows the lives of fashionable, big-city professional men, their relationships, and thier pursuits of happines.

LAW & JUSTICE: Reality TV Series

Director: Aaron L. Williams

Stars: Judge Trudy White, D.A. Hilar Moore (Full Cast)

Studio: Digital Media Studios

The Plot: An in-depth look at the Criminal Justice System in Louisiana through re-enactments on real crimes and real trials.


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